In this episode, I’m going to share with you 5 Facebook Marketing Tips that will help you attract more customers & sales using your personal profile.  This is perfect for you if you want to learn some basic tips on getting started with social network marketing.

So I’m guessing you’re wanting to learn more about how to attract more customers & Sales so let’s get straight into it with my Facebook marketing tips.

When it comes to Facebook, in their guidelines it states your personal profile should be kept well “personal”. However, for people just starting out if done correctly, it’s perfect and you don’t need any money for ads.

Below is my Facebook Marketing Tips – you will learn how to set up your Facebook profile the RIGHT WAY, we then talk about what to post on your newsfeed and then also finding, connecting and making friends into customers.


I have seen a ton of Facebook profiles over the years and you get to see who does it right and who does it wrong when it comes you using your profile for business.  Typically, an uneducated marketer will fill their Facebook profile with posts heavily promoting the company brand/products they are an affiliate for.  You will also find them promoting their company website  – these are FATAL MISTAKES!

Hey if this is you – don’t worry, it is not your fault it’s people in the industry not investing in themselves to show you the RIGHT WAY.

You may be thinking to yourself so why is this the wrong way?   well, imagine this scenario, you’re promoting a CBD Oil brand, I come to your profile and first I see your company website in your profile so I know what company you’re with right away. I then snoop on your posts and a product catches my eye.  I then naturally will go to Google to find some reviews and then buy or not buy from someplace else.

You see people don’t care about helping you at this point so that leads us into our first practical exercise…

Facebook Marketing Tips Excercise 1:

#1: If you have your company website in your bio – go to your Facebook profile right now and REMOVE it.

#2: Go through your previous posts and remove anything that states the company brand name and/any products.

If you want to make sales on your Facebook profile – you must remove the company, you then create posts that create CURIOSITY more on this in my tips below.

Now let us move forward to my 5 Facebook Marketing Tips and start by reviewing your Facebook profile


#1: Your Profile 

Your profile needs to look like an attractive shop window – when you start networking to “attract” people, they will often go snooping to see if they want to become a friend with you. Your profile needs to be set up in a way that the people you want to attract will see you as a like-minded individual and will be encouraged to send you a friend request OR accept a friend request sent by you.

Let me break it down for you with my Facebook Marketing Tips on Profile Elements (infographic)

Exercise 2:  review your own profile elements to appeal to YOUR target audience.   

Facebook Marketing Tips Excercise 2: – 

Review your personal profile and look at what you currently have.  Ask yourself if you would accept a friend request if YOU were looking at your profile for the very first time and if not – change it. 


If you learn how to “post on purpose” DAILY you will start to get people to reach out to you to find out more. You need to learn how to use thought-provoking language relating deep into people’s pain and be “provider” of the solution to fix that pain with curiosity.

Here are some other suggestions of post types to include:

  • Documenting your journey – share little & big wins
  • Inspire with quotes but add your spin to them
  • Empower – make others believe in themselves
  • Encourage – make people want to take action
  • Motivate – to get more done daily
  • Story Tell – facts tell stories sell
  • Problem Solver – Offer solutions to fix your audience problems.
  • Educate – eg., 5 Facebook Marketing Tips
  • Lifestyle – show some of where you go, what you do.


What you should be doing daily to start is going to a handful of groups and pages that are full of people that want what you have to offer and bringing them over to your world. The best places to start are Guru pages and quality group pages with high engagement. You should be aiming to have around 20 new friends per day.


Reach out to people on Facebook and build friendships. A great tip here is to check out their profile first in the mindset that you just want to make friends. First, you need to ask yourself the question – would I consider doing business with this person and if the answer is “YES” then take a look around their profile for things you may have in common

  • Where they live
  • Family Pets
  • Where they’ve been on holiday
  • Their last few posts

Then reach out to them and make friends – just like meeting them face to face. Your aim is to have some common ground with these people as soon as possible, this will make them drop their guard and enable them to open up more.


Now you have warmed someone up to what you would call a “friend”, the conversation should slowly flow towards business.  All you need to ask them is if they are open to a side income project/another income stream or to that effect and go from there. If you do ALL of the above, you will be surprised at how many people will start to reach out to you wanting to know more and also will be more open when having discussions with them.


This can be done 1 hour a day but you need to commit to it and BE CONSISTENT.

And finally… If you’re brand new to building your freedom lifestyle business, you may not have a product to promote, I personally only promote 2 trusted educational products that give me 100% commissions, and these products are my primary money earners. If you’d like to know more about collaborating with me then click the button below to learn more about collaborating with me.

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