Have you ever wondered if you were destined for MORE?

When growing up, I dreamed about what the future would hold all the time, I saw my parents struggling to make ends meet, my father being a miner and my mother full- time bringing up my sisters and I.  When things were tight she would actually make our clothes for us instead of just buying them.  We often matched! It was cute though! old photos – love em!

Ever thought there’s something BIG just waiting to be discovered and you have this fire of excitement giving you butterflies just thinking about it? well that’s me, I go to work every day thinking about what could be if I just apply what I’m currently learning. Don’t get me wrong, people would say the job I have is great and yes, I do have a good life living in Spain, but inside I’m so empty. I get up each morning to arrive at work at my starting time and work hard for 9 hours a day plus the commute on someone else’s dream not being paid enough and the thought of being there until I retire just pains me.  I see my mother (now in her 70’s) retired but yet still having a small job cleaning every day just for some extra spending cash – I have to change this!.

Some years ago, I purchased a few entrepreneurial books…

Think and Grow Rich by napoleon Hill, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki,  and The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. The 4 Hour Work Week completely opened up what is possible and the more I read, the more I started thinking like a boss instead of an employee, I kept thinking I wish I knew about this years ago.

I find it very sad that as we grow up and go to school we are taught to get qualifications and find a job like drones being trained just to do that!

In 2018 Network Marketing found me!

A friend called me up saying a friend of hers is coming to her house so show her a business opportunity, thinking about my dream versus the “Job” I jumped at the chance. That night I was exposed to Network Marketing for the very first time. So as I’m sat there, thinking about my “empty” job she introduced us a guy that had been with the company for 5 years and was now a millionaire. I was that curious I signed up there and then thinking if this guy can do it, so can I and we also were offered a chance to go and meet him and watch him do one of his presentations as he lived locally.

So now I’m thinking I can do this, I’m a go-getter and will find solutions to most problems, I just need the tools and the education to make my millions! I started doing house parties after work showcasing the  business opportunity but I’m not going to lie – sustaining a full time job and filling my nights up doing presentations it was hard work. I just kept saying to myself – Sharon do you want to be an employee for the rest of your working life or do you want to step up and become your own BOSS with an opportunity to RETIRE a hell of a lot sooner!. It was a no-brainer so I kept plugging away until…

In Summer 2018, my mother was took seriously ill so much so my parents had to cancel a holiday of a lifetime they had booked to the States doing a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon amongst other things.  I flew back to the UK to be with her and to be there with my family. Obviously taking time off work, I didn’t have a salary coming in but had money coming in from my Network Marketing business. That was the moment I learnt the true meaning of residual income – do the work once and get paid every month.

The next few years I spent thousands on various programs and trainings trying to find the right strategies to help me build my business but overwhelm got me every time, too complicated, too technical, risking more money on buying leads – I tried it all only to be left with poitless courses and zero to show for it.

I then took a year off to re-focus on life and get my mojo back.

In December 2019 I asked for a pay rise at work only to be told no. Well that was it, I decided now is the time to get back on the horse and make this thing work!  and show everyone that it is possible to prove all the skeptics wrong.   I trawled the internet looking for people doing great and making a ton of money and once Christmas 2019 was over I reached out to someone i had been following for a while.

She showed me a way that was so much simpler and on top of that it was High-Ticket Affiliate marketing where the average sale was 1k so you didnt need a lot of them to feed a great lifestyle. Ill be honest it is not easy when you get in from work tired and just want to relax but thinking of the “FREEDOM” makes it SO WORTH IT.

I’m currently getting the hang of it now learning from a few high profile mentors and are committed to making it work, and they say this is when the awsomeness starts to happen. In fact one of the reasons you’re on my blog is because I invested in myself and took a course to learn exactly how to set it all up to leverage authority and leadership.

Oh it’s in the tools section if you want to check it out – you can get the same course in there.


I am so blessed with my life I have found the right mentors, working towards becoming fifty and FREE and merely put in an hour a day that’s it.

Once I leave my job i’ll be working an hour or 2 a day from my phone wherever I want to be in the world whether that’s on a beach, in a pool or on my parent’s sofa.

It’s Great to meet you my New Friend.


Let me know how I can help you grow your business!




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